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Three Cheers Saturday Photo Club (Season 1)

Get snapping your Kodaks! 

It's the first-ever Three Cheers Saturday Photo Club, which took place on 30th January, 2021.

The themes were: 
1. Odd Condiments
2. Drearyiness

As founder of the club, Steve got to share his favourite contributions from the Dreary Condiment category.

Steve's speech in full: 

Thank you Tom. Being rather new to this role I have noted down what judges on TV talent shows do so I just want to say you fully deserve to be in this competition, you nailed it and good job!

Right, strange homebaking lady and I have carefully considered the entries.

The best condiment pic goes to Tom’s condiment shoe racing. A fine and powerful work that is playful in intent yet subtle in executing. Execution.

The best dreary pic goes to John’s curtain stain. A homage to grubbiness, dreariness and the utter shiteness of lockdown.

There is a special judge’s merit award for Tony’s ventriloquist dummy pic which although neither dreary or condiment themed had the best backstory.

Well done my loves.

WINNER, Condiment Category

Condiment Shoe Racing by Tom

Artist's comment: "Yellow sauce winning the race for Team La France."

WINNER, Dreariness Category

Curtain Stain by John

Judge's comment: "Curtain Stain is an evocative work that transcends both extreme dreariness and thoughts of unusual condiments. A powerful and disturbing piece."

Artist's comment: "An unexpected and overwhelming honour. I would like to thank my draper for making this possible..."


Harry the Flash (aka Mr Parlanchin) by Tony 

Artist's comment: "When I was small, I thought I was in The Professionals or The Sweeney. If things ever got dreary, I would take out my ventriloquist dummy friend 'Mr Parlanchin', and scare the shit out of my tiny mates... things weren't so dreary then. My dad eventually bought another two Mr Parlanchins and then custom made costumes, hair etc to make a Charlie Chaplin dummy and a Hitler dummy (both from The Great Dictator) and so I had to live with Flash Harry, Chaplin and Adolf Hitler."


Penis Butter by Tom

Windows and Rain by Ashley

Minced Garlic by Steve

Condiment du Moment by Phil 

Comment by the artist: "A delicious and gently soothing square of Nicorette. It really does put a lovely light and airy spin on the day. In fact I’m speedballing a double 2mg wad this very moment."

Road condiment by Steve 

Inspired the following exchange: 
Phil thought it was a Kit Kat. Tom wasn't convinced. 
Phil U-turned. "I think you’re right. There is a Heinz ketchup sachet peeping out bottom right. Zoom in and it looks more like a squashed chip wrapper."
Tom submitted that the white flecks would indicate fish?
Or testicle meat, volunteered John. 
With a warning from Tom for everyone to check their knickers, the debate ended. 

Cake Decoration Teddy (Manspreading) by Simon 

Inside a Dustbin at Night by John 


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