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House of Three Cheers Film and Band night – with the Original Beekeepers live!

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Blood Sausage in the Lambshank Redemption

In The Lambshank Redemption, shot entirely on location in the Derbyshire Dales, renowned meat-based superstar Blood Sausage teams up with newcomer Bob Sheep for an edge-of-your-seat aerial, musical extravaganza. What the critics have said: "Utterly fabulous" "Very emotionally challenging" "Cool and mellow" Bob Sheep's performance, as "Woolly", has also been widely praised: "That sheep has a deep relaxing baah." A House of Three Cheers Production with original music by the Original Beekeepers.

Blood Sausage in Ally Pally Fly Thru

Our new video is online. Starring Blood Sausage, it's the voyage of a lifetime, to meet a date with destiny, somewhere at the top of Ally Pally in North London...   

Boogie Boardin' by the Original Beekeepers

Song recorded way back when, released as a summer single just in time for the end of summer, filmed in Sunny Stoke Newington, starring 'Man-About-Town-Extraordinaire' Mr Tony Rich, and a cast of... local friends, shopkeepers, cafe owners, artists, students, designers, and the coolest postman in town.  Get yer board shorts on and grab the nearest wave... or at least a beer.  With love from the Original Beekeepers and the House of Three Cheers.   @everydaysunshineshop  @theparlourbistro  Download the single for free at:  #surfing #hipstersurfing #stokenewington #postmen

New booklet launch. Three Cheers!

Like all decent pockets, our new booklet is a portable repository of poetic sweeties, scrunched up stories, a wad of drawings, and other intriguing detritus and fluff.  The idea was to publish and distribute the issue on POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY, April 28th, but distribution will now be some time next week due to factors beyond our control, beneath our understanding and not worth discussing.  In the meantime, enjoy some digital highlights and share your thoughts with us using the comments below!   

Three Cheers Saturday Photo Club (Season 1)

Get snapping your Kodaks!  It's the first-ever Three Cheers Saturday Photo Club, which took place on 30th January, 2021. The themes were:  1. Odd Condiments 2. Drearyiness As founder of the club, Steve got to share his favourite contributions from the Dreary Condiment category. Steve's speech in full:  Thank you Tom. Being rather new to this role I have noted down what judges on TV talent shows do so I just want to say you fully deserve to be in this competition, you nailed it and good job! Right, strange homebaking lady and I have carefully considered the entries. The best condiment pic goes to Tom’s condiment shoe racing. A fine and powerful work that is playful in intent yet subtle in executing. Execution. The best dreary pic goes to John’s curtain stain. A homage to grubbiness, dreariness and the utter shiteness of lockdown. There is a special judge’s merit award for Tony’s ventriloquist dummy pic which although neither dreary or condiment themed had the best backstory. Wel

Take the Lucy Quiz!

  How much do you know about Lucy and her strange boyfriends?  Take the quiz and find out... Click the link below. Lucy quiz