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Publishing History

Three Cheers Booklets

Summer 1994

Three Cheers for Butter-Candy

(4 x 3 inches. 16pp. Staple binding. Black and white, some printed on various coloured paper. FREE.)

Autumn 1994     

Three Cheers for Backward Family Basics 

(4 x 3 inches. 16pp. Staple binding. Black and white. FREE.)

Spring 1995         

Three Cheers for Fine Correspondence

(4 x 3 inches. 16pp. Staple binding. Black and white, printed on yellow or white paper by Loose Hand Press, E17. FREE.)

Winter 1995       

Three Cheers for Standing Elegantly 

(6 x 4 inches. 40 pages. Staple binding. Black and white. FREE.) 

March 1996       

Three Beers Fer the Linkon 

One-off ‘parody’ edition created for the departure of Lincoln to Japan, only a handful printed.

(4 x 3 inches. 16 pages. Staple binding. Black and white.) 

Summer 1996

Three Cheers for Instant Intimates

(8 x 5½ inches. 46 pages. Staple binding. Black and white, with cover printed on red card. £1.50)


Three Cheers for Royal Jelly 

Special edition to celebrate release of Royal Jelly – The Very, Very Best of The Original Beekeepers CD

(4 x 3 inches. 16pp. Staple binding. Black and white. FREE.)

October 2020         

Three Cheers for Fritters 

Special ‘one-off’ edition created for Tom’s birthday, only 6 copies printed

(4 x 3 inches. 16pp. Staple binding. Colour.)

December 2020

Three Cheers for Fritters

(4 x 3 inches. 16pp. Staple binding. Colour. FREE.)

January 2021       

Three Cheers for Purposeful Attempts to Practise the Art of Doing Nothing 

(4 x 3 inches. 16pp. Staple binding. Colour. FREE.)

Also published by House of Three Cheers 

January 1995       

Too Tense – Words and Pictures

By Simon James 

(8 x 5½ inches. 16 pages. Staple binding. Black and white. FREE.) 

Spring 1995       

Ambiguous Auteurs, Tiger-Faced Terrys, and Others – Thirteen Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures 

By Simon James

(6 x 4 inches. 16 pages. Staple binding. Black and white. FREE.)

Spring 1997       

‘AIR’ New Fiction and Poetry 

“Plumes”, “Chest”, “Responsibilities”, “Nightclub”, “Out Like a Light” and “New Flat” by Simon Beecroft, originally in Butter-Candy, Backward Family Basics, Fine Correspondence, and Standing Elegantly; “Could’ve Beens” by Stephen Bynghall, originally in Instant Intimates; “Telephone Kiosk Calling Card Collage”, “The Hoover”,  “Waking up to Elvis” and “Brylcream Modelling Gel” by Hamilton Richardson, originally in Backward Family Basics, Fine Correspondence, and Instant Intimates; “Angel on the Rooftops” by Amy Prior, originally in Standing Elegantly; “Home” by Michaela Moher, originally in Instant Intimates; “North London Haikus” and “Victor” by Andrew Abrahams, originally in Standing Elegantly.

(12 x 8 inches. 20 pages. Staple binding. Black and white.)

Fake issues, never actually made 

(covers only, created for Keats Grove Library exhibition)

Ruined Business



Unnamed [Paul McCartney cover]

Unnamed [Sudbury Hill map]

Trois Santées pour des Bonbons Beurre

House of Three Cheers in other publications 


Canine Teeth no. 1

April 1995

The story “Pitta” from Too Tense, and some of the illustrations from Too Tense and Ambiguous Auteurs (+ 1 unidentified source); the poems “Plumes” and “New Flat” from Three Cheers for Fine Correspondence; the poem “Carelessness”, previously unpublished by Three Cheers


Zimmerframepileup no. 9

Undated (May 1995?)

“Winning” (‘storiette’ by SB, previously unpublished by Three Cheers); extracts from Ambiguous Auteurs, Tiger-Faced Terrys and Others by Simon James; extracts from Three Cheers For Backward Family Basics (“The Adventures of Lucy and Her Strange Boyfriends: Graeme” and the poems “Another”, “Drowse”, “What”, and “Beast”)

Drunk on the Pope’s Blood 1.1 fanzine


“Why I Like Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band” by F.T. Boeufencleft 

Zimmerframepileup no. 11

Undated (July 1995?)         

“The Adventures of Lucy and Her Strange Boyfriends: Geoff” 


Canine Teeth no. 3

Mid 1995  

The story “At Cairo’s” from Too Tense and the poem “Out Like a Light” in a different version to the one that appeared in Three Cheers for Standing Elegantly (by SB)


Canine Teeth Christmas Edition 

Dec 1995

One of the pithy notices (“Crooked Smile”) and the short story from Two Pithy Notices and a Short Story from the House of Three Cheers (one of the pithy notices, “Viviparity”, remains UNPUBLISHED)


National Fritters Day

December 2020

A4 and A3, on white and off-white paper 


National Nothing Day 

January 2021

A4, on white and off-white paper 


Fritters Day printed aprons 

December 2020

Edition of 10, heat-transfer print


Mid 1995

One of the pithy notices, “Viviparity”, from Two Pithy Notices and a Short Story from the House of Three Cheers (the rest published in Canine Teeth Christmas Edition, December 1995; the whole page design was initially created for Zimmerframepileup but rejected)

Date unknown

Three Cheers Manifesto (submitted to The Idler magazine, but rejected)


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