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House of Three Cheers Film and Band night – with the Original Beekeepers live!

The House of Three Cheers is proud to present the first public screening of Under the Artex Sky, a 30-minute film made to accompany the album of the same name by the Original Beekeepers. 

The music and images were made in 2020–21, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and are a reminder of the strange, unsettled mood – and even stranger sense of opportunity – of the time. 

The film will be shown at the Clissold Arms, 105 Fortis Green, London, N10 at 6pm on Sunday 27th August, and will be followed by a rare live appearance by the Original Beekeepers themselves. 

The House of Three Cheers will be providing a party bag for each guest, and booklets, posters etc will also be available on the night. 

See the full film here

Visit for more Original Beekeeping. 

Listen to the album, Under the Artex Sky, on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. 



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