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 Reviews of Three Cheers 

“An excellent idea. The things felt different for reading them so small. There was a real intimate feel to them.”

Stephen Jessener, editor of Zimmerframepileup magazine

“Thanks for helping make the world a happier place.” 

Bill Green, fritter fan and putter-upper of hooks

“All the best for the sterling work of the House of Three Cheers” 

Harry Wylie, author of Day at Home, Life in Bed and Cooking with Eggs and Unleavened Bread

“Witty, intelligent, conceptual booklets of fiction and similar things.”

Mark Jackson, Drunk on the Pope’s Blood fanzine 

"They cover the spectrum, but it would be impossible to prognose who turns pro anyway."
Ivor Cutler


  1. Please, Mr and Mrs Hobbs, we would love to hear your comment. Love, the House of Three Cheers


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