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Blood Sausage in the Lambshank Redemption

In The Lambshank Redemption, shot entirely on location in the Derbyshire Dales, renowned meat-based superstar Blood Sausage teams up with newcomer Bob Sheep for an edge-of-your-seat aerial, musical extravaganza. What the critics have said: "Utterly fabulous" "Very emotionally challenging" "Cool and mellow" Bob Sheep's performance, as "Woolly", has also been widely praised: "That sheep has a deep relaxing baah." A House of Three Cheers Production with original music by the Original Beekeepers.

Blood Sausage in Ally Pally Fly Thru

Our new video is online. Starring Blood Sausage, it's the voyage of a lifetime, to meet a date with destiny, somewhere at the top of Ally Pally in North London...