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Saturday 16th is National Nothing Day, and we are celebrating the occasion with a new issue.

Highlights in the issue include: 
  • A brand-new Lucy story, in which our lovelorn lass goes on a date with a boffin who believes that the universe is 99.99999% nothing, therefore the bit that isn't nothing should also be considered statistically nothing.
  • Poems about dashing about, far-out Bob Ross, Irish coffee and hot pastrami, remains, potato mulch, and silence 
  • A neuropsychological exploration by Mr Hobbs of Milton Keynes
  • And introducing Stinkpot and Dave Lucas, who drive about in a van looking for ways to make money 
  • Dreams, drawings, schemes and more

The launch will be accompanied by a new song by the Original Beekeepers, "Purposeful Attempts to Do Nothing"

What is National Nothing Day? 

  • It’s an "un-event" whose aim is to “provide people with one national day when they can just sit, without celebrating, observing or honouring anything”

  • It was first proposed in 1972 by teacher Jothy Narayanasamy

  • It was then inaugurated in 1973 by a newspaper humorist and columnist called Harold Shipman Coffin

  • It is sponsored by The National Nothing Foundation 

  • The total number of members of the Foundation is unknown.

  • An expression of interest in the Foundation's purposes qualifies one for membership

  • It publishes nothing and holds no meetings or conventions.

  • Harold Coffin was selected as chairman of NNF “Because nothing is something he does better than anybody else."

* The above facts may or may not be hoaxes

More to come...


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